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Gold Coast, Aus

Years Active:

2019 - Present


Jazz, Soul, Rythym & Blues, Ska


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Breathtaking musicianship and infectious energy bring Amy’s music to life taking you on an uplifting musical journey with a visually stunning and moving performance by the Ultimate Amy Winehouse Tribute Band. Their unique brand of entertainment fuses punchy horn lines and tight 3-part vocal harmonies with engaging musicianship and witty stage banter that will make you want to laugh, cry and dance the night away. Celebrating the life, love, and music of Amy Winehouse.



Amy Winehouse Ultimate Tribute Band is an Australian Jazz, Soul, Rhythm, and Blues ensemble from Gold Coast, Queensland. The band formed in 2019 from a collective Love for Amy Winehouse music, the show's goal is to convey a true tribute to the late great Amy, with a musical interpretation to Amy’s greatest hits and a few less known gems picked by members of the band, the member's expansive musical carriers, and experience bring to the mix a show of caliber rarely seen.

Musical Director and Entertainer of the show Doctor Love is no stranger to the live scene. Known for his showmanship the visionary entertainer said this about the show ”There is nothing more disheartening to see than an imposter dress and drag in a cheap outfit and wig, to try and emulate originality. This Ultimate Amy Winehouse Tribute is for the die-hard Amy fans, who believe there is only one Amy. This show is an ’interpretation’, not an imitation. We hope to express our gratitude for Amy, by doing this show in good taste, and respectfully”. 

A true tribute to the late icon, known best for her distinctive warm vocals, soulful songwriting, and signature style. Headlined by UKs international performer Lucca Mae and Victorian recording Artist Jaiid, featuring a world­ class 9-piece ensemble that will blow you away with a visually stunning, musically moving performance. Breathtaking musicianship and infectious energy bring Amy’s music to life in an almost two-hour special.

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