“Music can creep up on you at times, it will snatch you from a reverie and place you in a moment, cementing it to your memory” (Ferris-Nathan, M., 2020).

I first heard the voice of Amy Winehouse in 2003, at a time where for a decade and more, as a young working singer, the sounds of Whitney, Mariah, Beyoncé, and the like, had set the pretense of greatness when it came to music’s popular female artists sound and style, of our time.  Their vocal capacity would be the assumed aspiration or expectation of many aspiring female singers.  That polished sound of vocal ability comes with a well-defined soprano, mezzo-soprano range.  Amy Winehouse was far from this.  Her rich and raw sound took us back and reminded us of greatness from old, and opened it to a new era of popular music. Her vocals and songwriting held remnants of Billie Holidays sorrowful Blues, to Dinah Washington’s emotional Soul filled Jazz vocals, that could articulate moments and move you to tears.  She would then incorporate her era, bringing us forward to encompass these Jazz and Blues elements and combine it with Hip Hop and RnB, infusing this with remnants of the 1960’s Girl Group style.  That was what Amy Winehouse did.  That is what her music reminded us of and returned it to the realm of popular music.  She was raw and exposed. For me as a singer and performer for over 25 years, her music has been one of my greatest influences and musical inspirations.  I am honored to tribute this amazing artist and unforgettable talent.  Through her music, with this show, we celebrate the legend of the late great, Amy Winehouse.

Author: Malaina Ferris-Nathan., (2020) Singer-Performer.

Headliner “Love is a Losing Game, Tribute Show”.



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